Exhalation of the sweet smell of the green branch of al-Andalus and history of the vizier Lisan ed din ben al-Khatib

Have gotten a little sidetracked by your fascinating book title. Will get to the subject of lengthy titles, taking your impeccably keen-eyed and thoughtful contribution into account, but first, some art by Zurich painter Wilhelm Meyer done between 1845-1846. Something about it invites close examination, and some also lies in a slightly surreal realm, mainly that Lion’s Court one now that I worked out the pool in the image further along down the page. The Lion’s Court one, will look at it again tomorrow and see if it’s as compelling. It’s not a great painting, yet there’s something about it.

Featured image The Lion’s Court of the Alhambra”, oil on canvas, 88 x 76.2 cm, Munich, 1860

Modern – day
Water pressure is not what it was in the 19th century
To see detail
Port of Justice

Took me a while to figure out why there’s a beautiful pool of water there.

Wilhelm Gail, “Lion’s yard in the Alhambra in Granada”,
oil on canvas, 117 x 146 cm, 1835

The site I found them on is interesting in itself link

Why is al-Andalus the “green branch”?

Not because two trees are intertwined. That is beautiful, in itself, just mentioning that now, I looked that up today, well, discovered it, seems that’s been there a while makes me think did I miss something? Maybe. Won’t put in an image of two trees like that, just muse on it and imagine.

Back to the matter at hand –

Al-Andalus, which means, “to become green at the end of the summer” is referred to the territory occupied by the Muslim empire in Southern Spain, which refer to the cities of Almeria, Malaga, Cadiz, Huelva, Seville, Cordoba, Jaen and Granada…


You probably knew that.

Haven’t even touched the vizier. Probably just as well.

Before I got on here this evening, was having the Just one more episode of a show I started this afternoon. Now have the TV series with a long name, a movie, and another series underway to review. If I didn’t have a special event tomorrow I’m keen to go to I’d be taking the week off, binge-watching and recuperating. Excited about organising opera tickets for Faust (by Charles Gounod), in December. Yep, have never heard the music, but was looking for a show to go to for a couple of special occasions, seems to fit the bill. That explains and Faust score I add to the list from now on, if I do. For now, Will post this up now and do one before bed – the movie.