Relaxation Edition (1) aka Does someone chewing gift receipts close to a mic produce a strong ASMR reponse in you?

[Ed: Oh! Looking at my longer play playlist – that tape handling I found, huh. Didn’t notice the asmr in the title to look into, at all. Oh! Huh! That sounded good to me but not an obvious effect like this one here. Yet it’s there, the effect, milder, listening again, how odd. Did you notice it and think I knew about it I wonder?]


You just keep bringing the good kush.

Had never heard of it. For something that … Not surprisingly, it (this clip is the first one I clicked on) produced a strong response in me, couldn’t think straight, lots of tingles, and made me twitch, all over, many big ones in my legs. I know, I know. Yep. I’m being dead earnest (and also smiling but seriously) — Was intensely pleasurable and also has me thinking about Bessel Van der Kolk’s work, on stress release. Fascinating stuff, I have his main book and one of the exercises. I had a foray into doing his exercises, and they felt good, but didn’t keep them up. Think I’ll lie back and listen to this kind of clip each day and see what happens.

Probably not what you were thinking of, can imagine you have a response to ASMR too. (Frakes voice – does someone chewing gift receipts close to a mic produce a strong ASMR reponse in you?). Looks like a lot of well-resourced people are making clips, otherwise I might make a few on a YouTube channel with no views so as to fill a need. It would be fun, not gonna lie, making sounds like that to set you off and relax you. Looking at the post it notes stuck around my desk here and laughing. Tested it. Nope they don’t sound chew right, too thick. No, I didn’t swallow it. Anarchy Burger!

Enjoyed the whole update, thought to just post a placeholder comment to say I’ll write a proper one later. Thought I’d find a picture of something related from the update to go with (thought Jigglypuff but nah, thought 2001, nah, got as far as looking up what ASMR is) ended up clicking on the YouTube clip…

Will compose more later, lots to muse on and the day ahead to have it come together.

Gamers, ha, Wut wut.